The Force

by Don Winslow

Bestselling author Don Winslow’s new novel needed an unforgettable promotion. With early praise from Stephen King and Lee Child, we decided to let their rave reviews speak for The Force in large-format subway posters. A subway station domination of over fifty wall posters and turnstile panels at the West 4th Street station in NYC successfully showcased the book and its recognition.

Chaos / Red Mist

by Patricia Cornwell

With over 100 million books sold, bestselling crime fiction writer Patricia Cornwell continues to write her internationally acclaimed Scarpetta series. Novels were published annually from 2007 to 2016 and each required a grand promotion. I created billboards, subway, and airport posters for various major metropolitan areas including New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Atlanta. Each ad campaign helped launch Cornwell’s novels into the New York Times Bestseller list.